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Indian Muslims can they be trusted?

The recent Israeli aggression in Gaza has revealed the true nature of Muslims around the world and in India. Major Muslim Organizations in India held protest rally in Delhi to condemn the attacks on Gaza.

Even Pakistan who actively supports in-direct terrorism in India and also a tourist spot for terrorist has started protesting the Israeli actions in Gaza.

The truth however is far different from what we know. Read the post on Why Children Die in Gaza ?!

Having read that India itself has a lot of internal problems and especially a bad neighbor Pakistan. The Israeli action was in retaliation for the attacks first started by the Hamas and there by ending the ceasefire.

Muslims when they kill others its ok but when they get killed because the one they attacked suddenly fought back, is wrong. It is these double standards followed by most (if not all) Muslims, will Islam to the brink of extinction.

The fact- you cannot fight terrorism with Gandhigiri, you need a tough stand like what Israel is doing. They have the right to self defense so does India.

The politicians in India are responsible for giving special attention for the Muslim community and completely ignoring the majority Hindus. The media is also in a way responsible as they highlight more of the Muslim community and show them as suffers.

Highlighting Muslim casualties it seems have become a trend in Indian news channels. Be it the Gujarat riots or the Babri masjid, Muslims are always shown as suffers. You will find more dead “Muslim” photos in newspaper from the Gujarat riots, or any riots in India, but hardly any images showing the people who suffered (especially the non-Muslims). Another double standard by the Indian government ” Showing a picture of a dead Hindu will cause riots where as showing a dead Muslim is no problemo”.

Muslims can never be trusted. Muslim organizations in India are protesting the attacks on Gaza, but they seemed least interested in the thousands of Hindus who were killed by terrorist in Kashmir. The Muslims did protest the recent Mumbai attack but it seemed more like “they had no option but to”.

The gaps between Hindus and Muslims are increasing and it’s high time that Hindus realize the problems and unite or India may soon become an Islamic country.

Uniform law for all is a must in India and Muslims in India need to be tamed.

Had Pt. Nehru initiated the concept of uniform law, or even if the subsequent PMs had done so, then we would have never faced these problems. Our current politicians can think only in terms of vote-banks at the cost of the nation. The Muslims are a pampered lot, with more rights and privileges than their Hindu compatriot gets. The uniform civil code would have been the only key to solve the problem. Today it may be a little too late as the total Indian Muslims population far exceeds that in Pakistan.

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